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What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing 2019

Creating content is a tough task! But, do you know what is tougher than that? It’s distribution.

It’s making your content available to your user or if you are business then to your customer. 

Because, if your user is not able to know about the presence of your content. Then, however great your content maybe it is of no use. 

There exist many distribution platforms we use to distribute our content. 

Mainly we use Social Media, Blogs, Video Streaming platforms such as YouTube, and age-old cold email. 

So, Today, I am going to explain about an entirely new way of distributing the content. This platform is nothing but a “facebook messenger” and the process is called “Facebook Messenger Marketing” 

Now first start with what is facebook messenger marketing!

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger as a conversational channel for reaching individuals at scale with targeted messages 

The concept is simple, Like, you use facebook messenger to send messages to individual users. In the same way, you can use facebook messenger to distribute your content or communicate with your customers. 

But isn’t it sound like, email marketing? 

email marketing

Well, I can’t deny that, but there is a drastic difference between these two distribution platforms when it comes to marketing results.

Messenger is conversational, interactive, and instantaneous. Email marketing tends to be more detached, impersonal and delayed. The differentiator is the use of chatbots.

Chatbots are automated messaging programs that simulate conversations, ask questions, gather feedback, send blasts, segment users, schedule appointments, make reservations, purchase items, track order status, provide feedback, provide 24/7 customer service, drive traffic to landing pages, and — if a customer so desires — get in touch with a real human being.

Now let’s find out why facebook messenger marketing is so important?


According to statista there are 1.3 Billion facebook messenger users. 

Forbes has referred to Messenger Marketing as “the new way to do business.” Cutting-edge marketing research predicts that Messenger marketing “is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years.”

And when compared to email, you can find facebook messenger marketing performs way better than email marketing.

A competitive email marketer can expect to achieve 5-10% open rates.

But with Messenger marketing, open rates can go up to 60-80% in the first hour.

Now the most important thing about facebook messenger marketing is using chatbots to get more subscribers for your subscriber list. So, you can connect them and communicate with them with your marketing message. 

To do so, All you need to do. Is to add messenger chatbot on your site, where visitors will interact with chatbot and thereby will become a subscriber of your business. 

And now you can use this subscriber list to better communicate with your customer. 

But, how exactly, set up these chatbots on your site? Well, for that you will have to watch my next video on which I will explain to you how you can integrate chatbots on your site so that you will get more facebook subscribers. 

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