How To Increase Traffic Using Google Search Console 2019

Google Search Console as previously known Google Webmaster Tool is the best free tool available for a digital marketer to understand how your website performing on google. 

The data you see at the search console belongs to google, not to any other search engine. 

As all data is related to google you can use search console data to optimize your site content according to what’s working and what not working for you. 

Now there are different ways you can get traffic for your site but doing it strategically can help you a lot. 

The strategy which I am proposing includes 3 steps. 

You will require to implement these 3 steps to get better results. 

#Step1: Google Search Console Query report 

#Step2: Skyscraper technique 

#Step3: Link Building 

Google Search Console Query Report

To apply this method, Go to your google search console account and look for a performance report. 

In the performance report, you can able to see the query report, the volume of the query, impression, CTR and avg position of the site for the query. 

Now look for any query and avg position for that query.

Let’s say 

Avg position for any query is 8 and you are getting somewhere 80 clicks in months. 

Now according to a recent study, almost 60% of traffic goes to the first 3 results. 

So your strategy will be increasing your ranking page position and trying to make it into the top 3.

But how to do that?

So, for this pick any Longtail query for which you are ranking in top 10 but at the lower end. Choose Long Tail query because it will be easy to compete for it to get into the top 3 positions. 

Choose a longtail keyword based on its monthly volume. 

Now – By selecting the search query based on, average position & monthly volume. you have completed the first step of this technique that is the Search Console Query technique. 

The Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique

Now we go to Skyscraper technique, in this what will you do is to create content better than, all the result which are getting a higher position than yours. 

Like, if your current position for the query is 7 then, simply create an excel sheet and list down all 6 websites name in a different column and below that, write down what all the subtopics they have covered in their blog post. 

So, all in all, you will get a better idea that how this particular topic which you are trying to rank for can be covered with all exhaustive sub-topic. So that you will able to serve the user expectation. 

Now as you have completed content research you can start with creating killer content. Just keep in the mind your content should be best among all results which are outperforming your page. It should Include all the subtopics and should able to clear almost all the queries of the user. 

When you are done with this, just update existing content with this new one. And submit it in the search console for indexing. 

Link Building – Off-Page

And, after this,  do little of-page work on this particular page to boost its ranking try to do with some traditional off-page techniques like social bookmarking and other techniques that you must be aware of. 

Also, try to get some solid links for this page and it will not be too difficult as you have cool content here. 

So, apply this method and also, continuously start working on getting a better backlink for this page. 

And keep checking the ranking for this page. You will soon find a boost in the ranking, boost in the CTR and because of this the boost in the traffic.

Apply this strategy and let me know how much boost your page gains after applying this strategy. 

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