Problem : How To Leverage LinkedIn For Achieving Your Goal

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There is one thing that everyone should know about LinkedIn is the kind of “organic reach” this platform is currently providing.

Everything you share on LinkedIn receive great organic reach compared to any other platform.

I have been attending different courses related to LinkedIn growth. Based on that, and based on my experience of using this platform.

I am going to show you how you can leverage the power of LinkedIn for your benefits.

Let’s get into this.

Step #1 Define Objective 🏹

I divide this into simple two parts

  • Identify who you & what are your goals?
  • Identify Your Audience.

One mistake, everyone, does on LinkedIn is they try to be everything to everyone! This may help on other platforms when there is no commercial intent involved.

But, on LinkedIn, where everyone is smart. Audience looks for authority and credentials before engaging with you.

1) Who you are? & What are your goals?

Now, just follow the above figure based on that; first, identify who you are; you may be a student, marketer, Developer, Accountant, Risk Manager, etc.

Now, identify what your goals are?

On LinkedIn, you can primarily aspire for 3 goals

  1. You are a student/employee & wants to get Desired Job / Job In Dream Company
  2. You are a business person & want to get clients for your services.
  3. Employee/business person and intends to Create thought leadership in your niche.

2) Identify Your Target Audience

Once you identified who you are, and your goal of using LinkedIn, decide your target audience.

Ask this simple question, who will help you in achieving this goal?

Let’s I am a marketer, and I want a job in some of the top companies. Then who will help me achieve this or spread the word about me?

So, here is my list.

  • Employees of the companies which I am targeting ( Recent to the job I am searching)
  • Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Marketer
  • Startup Founders
  • CEO/Marketing Head of Mid Scale companies
  • Etc.

Based on your profession, you can finalize your audience group. Your audience will vary based on what kind of job you are doing.

Note: Please only stick to one goal as based on your goal; your audience will increase. And, unless you are super famous, there is no point in losing focus.

Step #2 Clear up Your Profile 👨‍💻

Now, as in the last step, you identified, who you are, what your goals are, and, based on that, identifies your target audience.

Let’s start cleaning your profile.

Cleaning your profile means, removing all the connection which are not part of your target audience.

Just don’t remove people whom you know personally 🙂 Except then, remove everyone from your connection.

Why is this important.?

Understand How the LinkedIn algorithm works: when you share any content LinkedIn, do not show your content to all of your connections; instead, the LinkedIn algorithm shows your content to a random sample of your connection.

Now, let’s say I am a marketer and sharing something related to marketing, and my connections are full of accountants or finance people. It’s quite evident that they will not engage with my content.

So, as they will not engage with my content, the LinkedIn algorithm will think, ( As no one is engaging), my content must be bad and decrease my content’s reach.

That’s why it’s very, very important that we should have the right connection.

Step #3 Optimize your profile 📑

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while optimizing your profile.

  • Optimize for the Goal you have set for yourself
  • Use the appropriate keywords in the relevant section of your profile.

1) Background Photo: First use, CANVA or any other design tool to create a stunning backgrounds photo

Just keep in mind, your background photo should represent the goal you are targeting.

2) Write Proper Title & Intro

Various studies found that user generally checks the title of your profile and intro section. So make sure you are doing it correctly to achieve your targeted goal.

But, to write a proper intro, do some reverse SEO. It’s like if you want to rank for any particular “Keyword,” let’s say you want to rank for

“Digital Marketing Specialist” then, use this keyword most effectively in all the important sections of your profile.

  • Like, use in the title
  • In the about & summary section
  • In, Experience ( If it makes sense )

3) Use LinkedIn Featured Section:

This is the most important part of your profile; this section works as a landing page for your predefined goal.​

Above, you can see, I have used the LinkedIn feature section to drive traffic to my Newsletter Landing pages/ YouTube channel/ website, etc.

Use this to showcase your skills, services, offerings, etc.!

Just keep in mind that use this section based on what goals you have decided for yourself.

Step #4 Connecting Your Target Audience 👬

If you remember, in the first step, we finalized the answer to 2 crucial questions.

that is,

  • Identify who you & what are your goals?
  • Identify Your Audience.

Now, once you identified who your target audience is, start connecting them.

2 Strategies to connect in the best way,

1) “Add personalize invitation note” while sending the invitation to any prospect. And be precise, just let them know how you loved their work and why you want to connect them. This will improve your connections acceptance rate.

2) Connect with people who more likely to engage with your content. : This strategy is often used by many LinkedIn professionals.

To use this hack, here are a few simple steps,

Let’s say you want to connect with digital marketing professionals.

Then, Identify top personalities on LinkedIn who are creating great connect on digital marketing.

Now, check out their post, and then check the comment section ( Or any other engagement )

Now all those people who engaged with content are more likely to engage with any digital marketing content ( Required, if it’s good )

So identify these people, and send them connection requests.

Use, above two strategies, and grow your targeted connection. It will help you increase your engagement on LinkedIn.

5) Create content 📝

Now, this is the last and most crucial step.

Once you have done with all the above four steps, then its time to creating great content.

As of now, all your connections are relevant to what you want to achieve from the LinkedIn.

So when you share the content, you will be more likely to get great engagement than when your goals were not defined, and your profile was not optimized.

Keep in mind, 👇

  • Write content in story format ( It works )
  • Be authentic
  • Be consistent
  • Write your content, keeping in mind the goal & audience.

Cool, so using the above 5 Step formula, you can achieve your targeted goal from LinkedIn.

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