The Definitive Guide To Linkedin In 2020

If you are aware of current social media industry updates. Then it’s no brainer to realise that, Tik Tok and Linkedin are the two most important platforms out there which are providing the highest organic growth. 

By saying so, I am not denying the fact that Instagram/facebook and other social channels are not important. These social networks are important but, they are on the verge of saturation. Because the supply of content on these platforms is high as compared to the consumption of the content. 

Organic traffic remains dependent on the demand and supply of content on social platforms. About which I shared a post on twitter 🙂

keeping above basic fanda in mind, you can leverage the power of organic possibilities of these two platforms, (LinkedIn and TikTok) 

Today, I am going to talk about LinkedIn. If you are a good observer of all changes that are happening on LinkedIn then you will get the understanding that how LinkedIn now is working exactly like, facebook of early time. 

Do you remember those days when one of your friends accepts the friend request of the third person and you used to get the notification?

The same is happening on LinkedIn now. If you click or engage with any content on LinkedIn then, most of my connection or the connections who previously engaged with my content get a notification about my activity

Isn’t it interesting? 

Well, it is interesting as it opens new possibilities to cash on organic traffic or branding which any brand can achieve.

Thought Linkedin is a crucial and important platform but still I found many people are not aware of a lot of topics related to Linkedin.

That it can be used for accomplishing various goals. So today, I am trying to help you out with all these difficulties so you can resolve these issues and use the platform for your benefits 

#1 How to post on Linkedin 

Let’s start with the most basic but very effective topic – that is how you can post your content on LinkedIn. 

Linkedin, as compared to past allow its user to share content in different fomrat.

be it text, image, video or document.

As you can see above, LinkedIn allow individuals to share his ideas, by text, image, video or document.

You just need to click on the start post and just start writing your ideas so the whole world will take notice of your expertise.

In the same way, you can simply update image, video or document – all you need to click on the icon and upload the file. That’s it.!

# how to post an article on LinkedIn

Allowing its user to write an article is an important feature of LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides space where you can write a long article so that all your connection should get benefits from your experiences.

This is important also because unlike other content which we share on LinkedIn which by its own nature remains bounded by Time limit. This is not the case with articles.

like, if I find any of my connection profile interesting then I will surely check his/her profile and try to check if he/she has written any articles on the topic which I feel interested in.

So In the process, I will read the article written by my favorite connection and to read more I will end up following the connection.

Things to keep in mind

Text – You can write up to 1300 word limit

Image– Ideal Size 1200 * 625 Pixel


a)Video Format – ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, QuickTime, and WebM
b) Video Size – Minimum size 75KB and maximum size 5GB
c) Video Lenght – Minimum length 3 seconds and maximum length 10 minutes

#2 how to upload resume to linkedin

As now we have understood how to post content on LinkedIn. Now its time to learn how to upload a resume on Linkedin.

The resume is the first thins your employer will look for when they want to know more about you.

But, if your Linkedin profile does not show your latest uploaded resume then you can miss out a huge opportunity. So let’s learn how to do it

#3 how to endorse someone on linkedin

Now that we have understood how to share our content on LinkedIn lets learn about how to endorse someone on LinkedIn.

Basically your endorsement of any skill will help the person to showcase his skills on LinkedIn and again this becomes social proof that person is good at a particular field. This feature is quite good and really helps the individual to showcase his/her skill.

So how to do it?

Well, it’s a very simple 3 step process

step -1 visit the person profile

Step -2 Scroll down to skill and endorsement section and locate the name of the skill you would like to endorse

step-3 Just click on + add icon and boom its done 🙂 isn’t it very simple? It is.

#4 how to write a recommendation on linkedin

We have done with steps to do endorsement but how to write recommendations on LinkedIn? As it is as important as endorsing someone on LinkedIn because it is more of personalized endorsement and hence seems more authentic social proof compared to other channels.

So, here it goes

  1. Visit the profile of the person (1st-degree connection) connection you’d like to recommend.
  2. Click the More button in your introduction card.
  3. Select  Recommend.
  4. Fill out the Relationship and Position at the time fields.
  5. Write your recommendation in the message field and click Send.

#5 how to share linkedin profile

If you want your prospective clients or recruiters to take note of your profile then you can share your profile with them.

Well, we need to keep a note here that, sharing a profile is possible for our first connection only.

It’s quite easy to do so, just follow below steps

Steps to share LinkedIn profile.

#step:1 visit your profile and click on the “more” button on your profile introduction card.

#step: 2 – Now click on the “share profile” icon

#step: 3 – Now a new “massage” window will open, here just type the name of the connection to whom you want to share your profile

#step: 4 Now just click “Send” button and it’s done.

#6 how to export linkedin contacts

You may use LinkedIn contacts for various reasons. You want your connection to know about your latest product launch or any service which your business is offering. For all these reasons you will be needing LinkedIn contacts to communicate your message with your connections.

Now the question is how to export it? Well, just go through the below steps and you will realised it is way easier than you think of.

Step1: Click on the “My Network” section on the top of the Linkedin dashboard.

Step2: Now click on the “connections” in the left side of the dashboard

step3: Now click on the “Manage synced and imported contacts” in the right side of the dashboard.

Step 4: Now go to advance section and click on the “Export Contacts”

Step 5: After this, it may prompt you to “sign-in” again. After that check the required boxes and Click Request Archive

Step6: You will receive an email to your Primary Email address which will include a link where you can download your list of connections.

#7 how to block someone on linkedin

If you want to block someone on LinkedIn then doing so is not quite difficult.

Just follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the profile of the person and click on the “more” option in the right.

Step2: Now In dropdown choose “Report/Block”

So, I think I have covered most of the important “How To” doubts related to Linkedin. But, if you have any more queries regarding LinkedIn then you can comment in the comment section with your query and I will definitely solve this.

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