How Not Using Eraser Teach Me Something Unique About Life.

If I am not wrong, I refrain using eraser from the last few years. Now, whenever I sketch something, I do it without using an eraser!

The most exciting thing about this, even I was not aware of this fact.

It never occurred to me until one day, when I was working on a sketch, and suddenly I did something wrong, which destroys the whole beauty of the sketch. Suddenly I started thinking about erasing that particular part.

But, then I observed, I was not willing to erase that part, What I did instead, was surprising even for me.! I changed the page and started working on the same sketch again!!

And, then after I completed the sketch. I sat there for a moment and start thinking about, all possible reason of why I am not comfortable using an eraser.

I realised, not only I am was not using an eraser, but even I was feeling guilty for thinking about it.

By the way! Why should it matter to you? 🙂

Whether I am using an eraser or not, it’s none of your business, Right?.

Yeah, if you take in that way, it’s none of anyone’s business!

But I am still writing about it because it reveals something familiar to all of us.

I realised it’s our approach towards life which makes an impact on everything we do.

Whatever you do, you will do it uniquely, in the way which describes your personality.

Same I observe about myself. I discovered I don’t like eraser because I am not comfortable erasing anything from my life.

The idea of erasing and improving comes from the quest for continuous perfection.

But, what if you don’t like your life to be perfect and you are more comfortable with its little imperfections.

It’s tough to find perfect people in the world. People will fail if we judge by different parameters. Yes, one can be successful if judge on a particular parameter but the same person can come out as total disaster if judge by various parameters.

So accepting everything in its imperfection is beautiful.

Only, the thing is one should be aware of his imperfections.

That’s the reason I don’t erase something. Because You can’t erase anything from your life, you can pretend, but you can’t erase.

So, you left with only one option start over again!.

Just change the page, and start sketching again! from the starch!.

I do the same!

If I make any mistake while sketching, I use two ways to deal with it. I see if that mistake adds something to sketch, if yes I use that for improvement of the sketch. Or I just change the page and start over again.

But this time, with great awareness and knowing precicly what I am doing.

This is same for life.

You can’t change the fact that, how badly you behaved with your close ones.
You can’t change the fact that you failed in some examination.
You can’t change the fact that you were not correctly doing a particular task in the company.
You can’t change the fact that you are were unsuccessful most of your life.

So you have only two option, you try to erase these things by justifying how things were wrong with you!

Or accept imperfection as a part of life and start over again!!!

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