3 Strategies To Boost Your Twitter Engagement Rate 2019

If you are handling any brand’s twitter account and not able to get the desired result. Then you can apply these 3 strategies and improve the result. 

twitter engagement

Strategy1: Competitive Analysis 

In this strategy; you just list down the top 5 competitors of your company and manually go through their twitter feed. 

And look for things like, if there exists any pattern, what kind of content they are sharing, what kind of content format they are using.

 And above all what content is giving most engagement to them. Just by observing these factors you will get an idea that how you can create your strategy to replicate their results. 

twitter engagement

Strategy2: Optimize your Copy. 

The “copy” is the first thing the user will engage to, and if they don’t find your copy compelling enough they will just ignore your tweet. 

So I suggest optimizing your copy in such a way that you get better results. 

For this, you can even check with the competitor. And list down all the copies which are working for them. Use the same format for your tweet. 

Also, make an excel for different kinds of copies for the content you have. And check which copy is giving you better results. It’s going to be a trial and error scenario; 

the more tests you run better results you can hope for. 

twitter engagement

Strategy3: Optimize #Hashtag

Optimizing #Hashtag is going to be the most important factor for your twitter campaign. The interesting thing about the hashtag is It was first started with twitter. That’s the reason twitter gives top-most importance when it comes to uses of hashtags. 

Hashtag is used; when people across the globe are talking about or around any central topic. 

So, here are the 2 things you should do to optimize the hashtag strategy.

  1. Use “Live” hashtag – Whichever type of content you are planning to share just check with twitter auto-suggest if there exists any live hashtag or trending hashtag related to the same topic. 
  2. Have content Strategy for General #hashtag – But, first, let me explain what does I mean by general #hashtag. If you continuously running twitter campaigns then you will find that there exist few #hashtags which are used by people all over the world frequently. 

For example #MondayMotivation #MondayThoughts #MondayPositivity etc So, you will always find such day or event-specific hashtag. 

You can just use these hashtags effectively with your content strategy to improve your engagement rate or to increase brand awareness. 

So, apply these 3 strategies and you will find a positive boost in your twitter engagement.

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