Hi There,

I am Prashik someone who is solely responsible for every update on this blog. I am Digital Marketer having a keen interest in everything digital. It’s fascinating to see how we are witnessing such advance digital transformation. This internet thing is making everything so easily accessible for the user. So, users nowadays can connect to brand so easily and we can even find that connect in the latest reaction.

Talking about my education background, I have completed my Graduation from Institute Of Science(Physics Mathematics and Statistics ) after, that discover my calling for marketing and completed MBA (Marketing) from the Department of Management Science, Pune.

If I remember correctly I find out about digital marketing when I was pursuing my MBA and was highly excited about the fact that, how digital marketing will change the whole marketing scenario in the near future. At that time I thought about making my career into digital marketing. But, because of the quest of security, I ended up taking a traditional marketing job with MRF Tyre. But, after working there for 8 months I realize, this I can’t take any longer! Because one this I realize in life while working tirelessly.

End of the day if you are not happy with what you are doing then belive me nothing matters! And that’s it 🙂

Well, this site has a history of 1 year 🙂 ( Almost 2 times I restart this site, as I was unable to manage it’s hosting cost ) But that issue is resolved now and now I am going to update the site continuously.

Content will be related to strategies I apply to get the best digital marketing result. That includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

You can find me on YouTube. Search for “FutureOmen” that channel also, dedicated for Digital Marketing.

And yes, you can listen to my PodCast that you will find on various platforms ( Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc ) by the name “The Prashik Show” well, this is not about digital marketing. Here I talk “Everything About Life” It’s just my way of looking at life that, How I see the world. You may find it interesting!